Monday, November 14, 2011

Global growth in wealth and health

This is a great additional graphic view to Hans Roslings presentation from the BBC and Youtube which i posted previously: This comes with the historical narrative but without the global map overlay, which is what makes the new link interesting. (see post below once you click on this search link above)

Its humbling to look at the UK growth since 1800 and realise how much people here moan about the recent past and complain about today, but you look at this chart and it makes you wonder:

If you play with the country buttons on the right and compare nations it is a fantastic way to view national histories of economics and health

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

10 Strategies For Building A Successful Social Business

I like this post in Forbes!

10 Strategies For Building A Successful Social Business

in summary:

#1: Replace Traditional Marketing with Content Marketing
#2: Recruit a Chief Social Evangelist
#3: Become Your Own Media Publisher
#4: Use Social Analytics to Drive Key Strategic Decisions
#5: Chief Marketing and Sales Officers will be Social or Become Obsolete
#6. Engage External Communities Formed Around Your Brand’s Value Proposition
#7. Invest in Social Media Training and Certification
#8. Deploy Social Platforms to Support Your Social Business Strategy
#9. Leverage Employees, Suppliers and Partners as Sources of Innovation
#10. Re-focus Human Resources on Human Experience

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds across large and small business!

Big days: 9th of October 2011 from 17th Sept 2007

So it was just hours and not days for the end of an italian era.
We thought the banks were an issue, we thought Greece was an issue, now with Italy outed what is next in Euro land and beyond?

I stumbled upon a note in my note book back in September 2007 where i wrote a comment picked up after an invite to watch England Play at wembley being wined and dined at the Corinthian club at wembley, before during and after one of their first matches at the new stadium. The guys talking worked for a london bank, seemed like essex boy style traders, certainly not short of a few bob!

Over hearing some comments that id heard elsewhere, cant remember where, it appeared that "Sept 18th 2007 will be a key day for the UK and world banks. Lets see where things are by 2008?" which in hind sight seems spooky.

For example found this via google "18th september 2007 bank":
I must wordle that!

Things were known then by those with power and money, things are known now in November 2011, lets see what 2012 brings?

Has this really been dragging on for 4 years. recessions are usually a year or two, sustaining this takes us to a new place, a place where no one has been before, does anyone on high have the experience to deal with this?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Berlusconi wins Italian budget vote but fails to gain parliamentary majority .

#Berlusconi minutes hours days?

Is this the European Spring about to blossom!

What do we see when we listen to what is being written?

This is one way to view europe, the middle east, north america for influence, interest and awareness:

And what do we see when we look at someone elses future:

I love to visualise what the world is about today and tomorrow and what it might have been before!

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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Greece, Euro and IMF?

I wonder what has really been going on for the last 6 months, when amateurs like me have spoken of the PIGS for 2yrs and predicted whats likely and those more professional and expert have or must have known more.

Do france and germany know more than we, yes, have they allowed for the smoke screens of announcements over the last two months only to find the Greek PM throw himself on his sword, or has he just had enough.

Whats next?

The unthinkable has been thought in recent weeks about Greece leaving the Euro, today the unspokable has been spoken with politcal leaders saying greece decides if its in or out else there is no bail out, guess what they will choose. When will the undoable be done?

Perhaps this whole charade has been to make the undoable doable, but are they mitigating or minimizing impact.

Look beyond today and then Italy just simply becomes a credibility issue, jokers in charge. People expect more, perhaps they fool themselves. The world needs to be made simpler not more complex these people are only people!