Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Big days: 9th of October 2011 from 17th Sept 2007

So it was just hours and not days for the end of an italian era.
We thought the banks were an issue, we thought Greece was an issue, now with Italy outed what is next in Euro land and beyond?

I stumbled upon a note in my note book back in September 2007 where i wrote a comment picked up after an invite to watch England Play at wembley being wined and dined at the Corinthian club at wembley, before during and after one of their first matches at the new stadium. The guys talking worked for a london bank, seemed like essex boy style traders, certainly not short of a few bob!

Over hearing some comments that id heard elsewhere, cant remember where, it appeared that "Sept 18th 2007 will be a key day for the UK and world banks. Lets see where things are by 2008?" which in hind sight seems spooky.

For example found this via google "18th september 2007 bank":
I must wordle that!

Things were known then by those with power and money, things are known now in November 2011, lets see what 2012 brings?

Has this really been dragging on for 4 years. recessions are usually a year or two, sustaining this takes us to a new place, a place where no one has been before, does anyone on high have the experience to deal with this?


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