Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sterner words from Stern in less than two years!
The sector to be most heavily affected by any global climate deal would be the energy industry, which accounts for roughly two-thirds of emissions. "We need to have zero carbon electricity, or very close to it, by 2050. That means carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in electricity by 2050, it means nuclear, it means renewables," he said.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Child safety on the net - Dr Tanya Byron and her report for the Prime minister!

As a parent and concerned citzen with a great affinity for the new world we live in, post 1995 and the emergence of the web, I must say I was in part aware of this "lady/professional/personality" from some of the regular and occassional good content AND content free TV you see in the evenings. However she is someone to take very very seriously!

She has to be one of the most articulate and careful speaking experts ive ever seen up in front of a parlimentary public hearing on BBC parliament today.

Info on her and her work and especially her commissioned report is on google and elsewhere. For any parent or concerned person its really good to look at it and be aware that Dr Tanya Byron is on the case with the backing of a wide audience. Fantastic but still a little scarey compared to when I was a kid.

Quotes from parliament today:

"so broadly welcomed"
"government to act on all recommendations"


This little guide for kids is as she says the simple and less gobbledegook version of the full report which also deserves attention

Do take time to be aware of the direction of travel she is setting and its much needed as to some extent its much needed even though im not so concerned for my own kids, more for my own subjective understandingvulnerable

Saturday, April 19, 2008

eco+eco=uncertainty needing clarity

Enlightment with the ECO reality is a must

Beyond stern further enlightment by ECOnomics holds the key to the truth that will emerge in coming years about the answer to sustaining gaia and building the next economy.

At present there are still too many camps to be clear of the outcome(s) but progres is progress.
Agrigation and consolidation of these camps likes market is the direction or travel which cant happen fast enough. Lets get the thought and action of everyone focused, not just the vested interests of vocal experts action groups or lobbyest. The power of common sense and debate across different perspectives is exciting.

Friday, April 18, 2008

social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and how to do it differently!!

Take at look at this as one way to seek help in this emergent area:
and also as a way to invite participation and organise differently:

Thanks for the signposting Alice ;-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sir Norman Foster; building on/awakening excitement

Can we scare ourselves out of "in-action" and catch up for a lost 30yrs!

If you want to truely understand the looming potential disaster of co2 vs lesser fears, you might like to read a little about fusion and fission to understand the short and long term alternatives to the problem we have created and a problem we HAVE to solve regards climate change and sustaining GAIA:

and remember FUSION is clean and safe (that may not sound politically correct but check it out) its the uranium and other radioactive elements which most are concerned for, regards current and past nuclear FISSION not fusion.

Even with fission you need to think again. Read chapter 5 "sources of energy" from Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock the Father of "GAIA" ie the long term natural balance of life and living sustaining this planet and why we and CO2 are the biggest short and long term threat to the planet and current human lifestyles!

Pages 112-127 of Revenge of gaia are especially interesting!

Do not think you know the answer without first researching what nuclear does and doesnt mean!

Ignore the historical view, revisit the reality in the light of the damage we have to resolve today.

If need be get another perseptive by searching my blog for the "weather makers" by Tim Flannery!

The eternal optimist in me says we find the solutions by seeking the facts and opening our minds and applying the wonder of mankind to the problems of our past mistakes. Its a very exciting challenge or should i say QUEST!