Thursday, November 03, 2011

Greece, Euro and IMF?

I wonder what has really been going on for the last 6 months, when amateurs like me have spoken of the PIGS for 2yrs and predicted whats likely and those more professional and expert have or must have known more.

Do france and germany know more than we, yes, have they allowed for the smoke screens of announcements over the last two months only to find the Greek PM throw himself on his sword, or has he just had enough.

Whats next?

The unthinkable has been thought in recent weeks about Greece leaving the Euro, today the unspokable has been spoken with politcal leaders saying greece decides if its in or out else there is no bail out, guess what they will choose. When will the undoable be done?

Perhaps this whole charade has been to make the undoable doable, but are they mitigating or minimizing impact.

Look beyond today and then Italy just simply becomes a credibility issue, jokers in charge. People expect more, perhaps they fool themselves. The world needs to be made simpler not more complex these people are only people!


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