Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tesla shares in strong demand after IPO

Wonderful story that ive been tracking for a few years!

FT.com / Companies / Automobiles - Tesla shares in st

The carmaker, based in San Carlos, CA, had on Monday increased the number of shares it was selling to 13.3m from 11.1m and said they would be priced at $17 each, higher than the $14 to $16 range it had previously estimated.

Tesla plans to use the IPO proceeds to help fund its move into production of a mass-market saloon car, the Model S, which will cost about $50,000 including a US government subsidy for plug-in cars.

Hints and tips care of the FT: The keys to web selling

FT.com / Entrepreneurship - The keys to web selling

One avenue many e-commerce business owners do not think to tap, however, is the group of people that have already come to their company’s website, considered buying something but left before completing the transaction...............

One strategy is to email customers who fill a basket on the Glasses Direct website but leave without making a purchase, asking them whether they need any help. This alone has produced a 20 per cent increase in sales among that group."

I strongly recommend the low cost simple to use http://www.constantcontact.com/ SaaS solution, gives you great email and newsletter response information and helps you track specific customers to target their behaviours and needs!

Monday, June 28, 2010

BBC Entrepreneur video series, start with Max Levchin, Slide

BBC News - Max Levchin, Slide

There are a whole host of video case studies on this site for entrepreneurs, which is great, Max speaks really well and has the sort of experience and success to die for!

Interestingly out of PayPal also came SpaceX which help fund Tesla, two other companies ive tracked and commented on over the years. Check out Elon Musk at SpaceX and his PayPal link. www.spacex.com/company.php#spacev_people and dont forget http://www.teslamotors.com/

MarketMeTweet - Social Networking for Real Business

MarketMeTweet - Social Networking for Real Business

Having been a Tweetdeck user for a year or more, this one looks very interesting.
Al;ong with tools like constant contact these are the sorts of tools small business people should take a little time to understand and take advantage of. LinkedIn being the other big one.

Equally this demo shows how they use youtube and you can so easily do the same and use youtube to promote your product or even train visitors.


Its not new but this is the way of business whatever industry you are in.

Check out www.tonytreacy.co.uk and www.networksunday.com as other small support providers!

Think about it!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TED Blog: TEDx organizers tackle the Gulf oil spill

A certain "black solution" needs a clear solution to resolve not only the stopping and cleaning but also the future prevention. As a TED fan I know they will add to the solution - can you? Check out TED and the TEDx local approach!!

TED Blog: TEDx organizers tackle the Gulf oil spill

The web in action - social media, video, debate and all!

Monday, June 14, 2010

US see the triple bottom line being hit

People, our Planet and Profits are all taking a hit with this one!

Lives, wildlife, the ocean and atmosphere and tax/pension/investment/jobs are all tarred by the black sticky stuff.

Reputation and responsibility at a Company/board/worker level, at a political level, at a human/local level is painful!

BBC News - Oil spill 'will shape how US thinks about environment'

Will lessons be learned, will we all change our way of thinking as we did after 911?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Football - the beautiful game!! South Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup

The power of the game, the power of people!!

Latest World Cup News South Africa 2010 Fifa World Cup

What this has and can do for the people of South Africa is fantastic! What it will do for the rest of us, lets hold our breath and hope for our teams but INSPIRED we are!!

Love for Africa! Care for Africa!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A message from Gro Brundtland

A message from Gro Brundtland

This little update from "the elders" on the eve of the world cup is well worth a read.
And if you dont know Brundtland she is well worth reading up on especially for her impact on the sustainability race: