Monday, September 29, 2014

Ebola lockdown in Seirra Leone - BBC radio documentary

As is happened, experienced for real:

#Ebola #lockdown #sierraleone

Monday, September 22, 2014

Respect for women and social media driven equality! I just love this story and I love the strength and determination of this women, not only does she make the point so well for her and for other women she also makes the point so well for all people who work in service based jobs. This is just another small part of the change the web is bringing about thanks to the #cloud #crowd approach to #community and is so overdue around the world #MDG3

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland, the vote or the result?

Scotland has decided and we will soon find out what the vote delivered. However we wont find out if Scotland gets stronger or weaker for at least a few years and then perhaps a decade. How will the causation be seen before during and after, who will play the biggest role in making the outcome successful. It makes you think a lot about Counterfactual Reasoning and also the role of "Authority and the individual"! The right result will be delivered, its a democratic vote, but the long term outcome is all that matters. For sure we all hope the Scots, the Brits and all variations of are happier in future!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

RSA - The City Growth Commission

RSA - The City Growth Commission

Some while back I was following the development of charter cities as part of the sustainable development and economic development interest that I have.

Now with the rise of nationalism and the Scottish referendum dawning tomorrow with a result that either way seems it will be a scism , the debate about centralised and devolved power is really unfolding.

From Cities Growth Commission Jim O'Neil there is both an active academic and community business voice proposing serious debate over the last couple of years > that is being picked up right now > and its across the political spectrum.

From Scotland to UK, From Cornwall to Yorkshire, From the city state of London to the merger of Manchester and Liverpool, there are many unfolding scenario's that are being spoken of. It will be very interesting to see how this persists or morphs over the next two election cycles in the UK and how international developments, particularly of cities in China and Africa effect things in the run up to 2030 and beyond. Must revisit this in 5 and 10 yrs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

UN SDG and Copenhagen Consensus Center

FRom MDG's to SDG's the analysis at 2015 and the road to 2030 looks stronger than ever but we just don't know till we travel it. These will be worth watching:

Participants | Copenhagen Consensus Center

as the MDG's pass and the SDG's get signed up and start to roll from the UN and Govt's!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

BBC News - Scottish independence: Yes vote is 'closer than ever' says first minister

BBC News - Scottish independence: Yes vote is 'closer than ever' says first minister

As of today the pound has taken a hit as the YES vote looks a bit more likely!

Scotland needs to decide and then take it on the chin, if they vote YES and suffer they cant blame the UK as the uk voter has no say, if they say NO and stay they cant then blame London for everything, they have to accept their decision and move on. Of course politics is not like that, its often (not just in Scotland with this issue) about winning and making it work and if it doesn't then making sure the other side gets the blame.

Im not sure there will be any winners either way in the short to medium term, Scotland needs to build some leadership together long term!

I feel for all the Scottish people, all of them around the world, I always find them very nice people.