Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nothing change in 323 years - BOE, gold standard and the rest nice chart!

electric vehicle peak charging issue

see the grey area at the bottom of this FT link

Bonds, balance sheet recentions and bail outs

"banks’ response to the financial crisis turned the normal rules of the bond market upside down. Bondholders typically expect to be paid interest to make up for the risk they might not be paid back. Yet trillions of dollars of debt is trading at prices so high that the yield is negative; buyers of the bonds who hold them to maturity are guaranteed to lose money."

Oh dear what with this and the post i made on nomura - you do have to wonder who is in the know and who is on the make. The EU and the european bonds are a ticking time bomb, thinks in a large part to the euro as much as the GFC.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Free speech like free will, such vague constructs as google and ts employees are demonstrating

Such a shame that it makes the issue of women and individual as well as group equality subjective when we know it is objective and needs justice.

And more to follow on this guys PhD in biological systems and the impact for the CEO of Google

Google chief steps into gender debate with engineer’s sacking

Sundar Pichai has avoided controversy, but now forced to confront Silicon Valley issue

Mr Pichai acted quickly to quell a controversy that was threatening to engulf his company — and stepped squarely into the middle of one of Silicon Valley’s most heated debates. The storm blew up over the weekend after a 3,500-word internal memo from a Google engineer went public. Written by James Damore


Tuesday, August 01, 2017

a post for my own birthday

Listen to the experts - farming and trading post brexit