Friday, June 21, 2013

People and planet | Management Innovation eXchange

I like the end part, the working backwards from the problem!

"Hallman concludes that social business and social enterprise must be done by working backwards, from the problem: identify the worst social conditions in any given location, then analyze why the problem(s) exist.  This method will always reveal all factors and barriers.  Only then can the problem be understood, and then possibly fixed.  But, he notes, barriers are often found in various organizations who are supposed to be trying to fix the problem, but have vested interests in direct conflict with achieving actual solutions."

Reimagining capitalism for people and planet | Management Innovation eXchange

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Throw away the suit and know execution matters -

"I have five top tips for people thinking of starting their own business.
First, don’t do it! If you do, you’ll be letting yourself in for an immense amount of unrewarded hard graft, a series of failures and the need to keep bouncing back a thousand times when things don’t work.

Burning yourself out without knowing if it will ever pay off is certainly not for everyone. If you ignore me and do it anyway, then give it your all. If you start a business halfheartedly, you will not succeed.
Second, ....................."

Throw away the suit and know execution matters -

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Following on from a post I made on FB about Hans Rosling

I share this as an update to references in this blog over many years regards Hans, BigData, LinkedData and Visualisation!! please read on..

I never do a presentation without pointing people to not only did this one above go out on a BBC program a couple of years ago but the way you can customise the graphics to explore specific interest area's and specific countries etc show the power of data and technology, in fact BIGData and Visualisation technology, this is only the start! Id recommend anyone and everyone play around with the controls to the right, adjusting the X and Y axis controls and hitting PLAY below the chart and run it several times. All thanks to innovation and investment from smart enlightened people who are changing the world and like so much from the last 30yrs of tech is working its way into the hands of everyone! Now we can do that, the achievements of the last 30yrs for the developing world is only going to accelerate because we can The dream of the PC in the 80's superceded by the reality of Mobile with smart phones. I presented at a UNCTAD conference in Lyon in the early 90's and was accused of being irrelevant as most people were more than 5hrs walk from a phone then . Now we will go further faster with mobile and big data, from disease mgmt and disease irradication, maternal support and gender protection enforcement ( via via ) to education, human witnessing and digital peer value exchange (beyond bitcoin . We can only imagine, like we did in the 80's once we got past George Orwell 1984!

And if you want to cut through even the bleeding edge of today to see tomorrow there is always

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

UK outlook

Interesting to see the Guardian being so upbeat on the business front, along with other posts below in last two months, tends to imply editors/journo are pegging themselves to a rising tide of boats and want to be seen going with them!

Confidence in the manufacturing industry is rising – with good reason

Recent statistics show a positive outlook from the manufacturing industry. David Caddle explains why the optimism is well placed