Monday, March 27, 2017

Venture capital and/or Philanthropy!

Silicon valley in going after some of the human and social issues is unrolling a carpet for new narratives about appropriate focus, investment and innovations:

While this is always to be expected in the world of the "battle of discourse(s)" it illustrates a few issues which include the subtlety of market failure where the question of who in silicon valley will invest in poverty eradication "theres no money in it" verse life extensions where plenty of rich people, not ultra rich but north of the brandt line rich people will buy a little more!

Ultimately the case is not as suggested in that and dealing with disease is in everyones interest, even TB now has some focus even though its a disease mainly of the poor world, fortunately london and the UK having to step up to the mark and it is:

and it needs to go further faster:

Ultimately its the progress in science and technology that has aided the full improvement of humanity but the focus on the developing world and poorest people can easily get lost in the priories and excitement. for that not to happen people need more understanding of the realities everywhere:

Market failures, places where need exist but there is no monetary incentive to solve!


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