Friday, March 24, 2017

Safari life of corporate finance and M&A!

Having just got back from a safari and seen these animals up close in their own environment, this artical made a good read especially as it features Paul Polman and true 21st century leader:

And as cute and cuddly as it is the true picture is that if you are living on investors money you have to be very careful with it, which makes change tricky but in the long term if you under promise and over deliver and not the other way round you might just lead real change.

The other side of this is that those not dependent on others money, is the small business and community business owner and worker, then being able to survive the nonsense of the big boys is even more of a challenge. A bit like observing the impala's and especially the dung beetles on safari, they deliver so much into the every recycling economy.

These animal in the game reserves live and act with such dignity, the ecosystem works because of them and inspite of us!


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