Friday, March 24, 2017

Countries telling the EU: Central command and control truth flowing out at last.

Any decent business mind and people who care about community know that if only they had been smart enough to say what everyone knew 5 years ago, It should have read:

  "The longstanding ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel said in an interview that the EU needed flexibility ..... to avoid the transfer of more powers from national capitals to Brussels. In an interview ..... Mr Schäuble denied that he was disappointed with the fading of European federalist ideas, which the 74-year-old has espoused for decades and are enshrined in the EU’s commitment to “ever closer union” adopted in 1983." instead of adding the padding above as per the "....." deletions!

 Then they would have been able to avoid the further padding (see article for the padding instead) of "....." today:

 " In all or in most European states there are no broad majorities to give additional shares of national sovereignty to Brussels. “So we have to improve . . . our intergovernmental methods......." 

Small is beautiful, heavy weights at the centre of anything is a disaster for all, good business people and communities knows that too well!


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