Monday, January 09, 2012

Whats your story!

I return to a common theme since I first blogged i.e. my Triple Bottom Line Quest to start my 2012 postings!
Here's a copy from my facebook post:
Forget New Year Resolutions - What was your personal tale for last year and what are you going to make yours this year??

Life and literature is basically made up of 7 stories, whats yours? Was it imposed on you or have you set it or keep r...epeating it?

My "Triple Bottom Line" Quest continues; Create wealth, help communities and people, conserve the environment, why wouldnt we!? ....Or as Richard Branson puts it in his new book "Screw Business As Usual"!!

Since a Prof at Henley Management College challenged me some years ago to set a sustainable Quest, Ive found it essential even above and beyond daily activity, a to do list, a plan or a strategy!!

1.The quest.

2.Voyage and return.




6.Overcoming the monster.

7.Rags to riches.

Which is you? People who listen to you will know it!!

My Thanks to Prof Steve Downing, Im still hanging in there!

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