Thursday, November 17, 2016

Paul Polman Unilever CEO - leadership in sustainability!

This is leadership in the 21st century! How good he is at it and how he does it will be very interesting as a model for others from here.

When Polman became chief executive of Unilever in 2009, he was able to put this thinking into action. Almost immediately he said that he only wanted investors who shared his view that Unilever needed to shepherd the Earth’s future as carefully as it did its own revenues and profits. As one of his first acts, he announced that the company would no longer publish quarterly profit updates, as they encouraged short-term thinking. Simon Zadek, a long-time British sustainability campaigner, likens this ending of quarterly reporting to the 1997 Labour government’s grant of independence to the Bank of England. It was more than just tinkering or public relations, he says. “This was a new business model.”


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