Friday, November 11, 2016

EA, Deepmind, Sustainable development AND the Triple Bottom Line!

Absolute pleasure last night to be in on the conversation with Prof Peter Singer via Skype at Oriel College Oxford last night, cant wait for next weekend now Looking forwards to Demis especially from my tech background, also Will for his amazing young leadership and Derek, well, just up there in a space Im still learning. If you want to see the future start with Demis polymath creator of DeepMind and themepark, yes believe it or not the future of AI comes from a british kid, a chess playing gamer, google snapped him up from london for a cool £400M, an amazing speaker :

Demis Hassabis

Prof Derek Parfit

Prof William Macaskill leading EA with his book "Doing good better"

Plenty of balance across the three from different angles.

Then in addition to EA there is Prof Jeff Sachs and his whole series of 70 x 10min lectures, just watch 1 a night for 2 months or all of them in just one week! subscribe!!

My own little contribution is on


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