Saturday, February 14, 2015

From 2000 to 2015 onwards to 2030!

I share this little narrative as I did on facebook to counter an individual who was using the GFC and the inequality debate as an excuse to sit on his butt and do nothing and say that nothing will happen because nothing has ever happened, its just us and them. Self fulfilling terms with the usual sprinkle of truth and lies.

Enjoy my response:

Stories and narrative, long or short, have their elements of truth and lie, Lacan show us that in the way we use signifiers for the signified to create a symbolic order that justifies our stance consciously or unconsciously. Zizek being a Lacanian illustrates that so well in terms of todays symbolic order which needs to change and evolve as it always does for sure the means by which people are excluded and held down is by lack of choices Poverty is that place where there are no choices and creates alienation existence is hand to mouth and the total consumption of what they have today leaving nothing for tomorrow is poverty. Extreme poverty, in the absence of clean water and sanitation then along with other disease their existence is constrained, with the development of a health system the doctors benefit first but people and especially children are lifted. If they have a school the teachers get paid first but children might might get through education if health allows, that creates their first opportunity to expand their choice of work and trade, to lift themselves and their families and they move beyond those left/kept behind. Developmental practitioners and economist know well from past and present histories, that the more the foundation can be laid down the more it can be built on. Those things that were hand to mouth become physical infrastructure, be they sanitation, roads, clinics or schools, once built they do not need to be funded to be built again, the wealth of that community is that foundation. The ability to use that hand up, not hand out, creates positive opportunities and people lift themselves. When inspired and driven for their families and communities they keep going. Wealth and poverty as concepts are well understood, the evolving story is about the best people ensuring that justice applies and reapplies to develop what people want. Failed systems from failed people are about power and exploitation, influence and regulation, freedom and choice evolves, always has always will. Choice made can be productive, can be destructive, communities work it out when to go for pain and when to go for gain. Dealing with the corrupt individuals and power mongers has always been the priority That rare commodity of common sense is a key resource everywhere, a lens on the priorities is no long just the choice of those in power, information, inclusion and physical enablement sees to that. So #action2015 and is an unpredicatable road but those that make it happen will make it happen


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