Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Apple at world record $700Bn valuation as Google starts to wonder and MSFT appears to be turning!

Apple hits a new record, the first company ever to be valued at $700Bn!!!!!!!!
A touch of inflation and market exuberance but all credit to their innovation and hard work BUT its a long way from the day I remember when Bill decided that MSFT should step in and help save them from going under, as part of SteveJ return and new plans after their CEO ousting disaster (video1) with $250M MSFT investment plus some!
Yes in part coz Eric Sc...hmidt then at Novell, then at Netscape along with Scott McNally at SUN and Larry Ellison at Oracle spent millions and years lobbying if not paying the DOJ to fix (FIX!!) the market and go after the leader then, MSFT, of course the market didn't need that, as we've seen with the burgeoning internet players and massive development of sw mkt.
This 6 minutes of history (video2) is well worth watching > what we will see next is the DOJ going after Apple in part coz google seem to be losing their grip with Android, of course Schmidt is there again. APPLE is now worth more than Google and MSFT combined. Id love to know what Satya Nadella is doing right now, I know Microsoft is back in the ascendence these days with everything from Azure, Xbox and HoloLens mind you only months after google glass was pulled so you have to wonder!!


The great thing about Apple is while their share price has boomed because they have announced they will return a big chunk of their cash pile to their shareholders, they also understand some of the mega issues now and ahead: " ..However, he said that any cash returns would come only after investing in research and development, making acquisitions, expanding its stores and maintaining its infrastructure..>>the best bit>>>>.... Apple announced an $850m investment to build a 1,300-acre solar-power farm in California that Mr Cook said would provide renewable energy for its new campus, other offices and retail stores in the state. “We are doing this because it’s right to do,” he said, but added that it would also create “very significant savings” in Apple’s energy costs."


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