Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bio for supporting International development and poverty eradication

As its #action2015 and #election2015 this year, there are big plans ahead and I've been invited to be submitted as a candidate for a few activities in support of international development this year. As a result I've had reason to revisit my bio of the last few years in this area, roll on 2015! #action2015 and #election2015:
Westminster: (I was the one with the mask and blue tie, half way down the I in IF)
I have lent at 0% interest loans to over 30 people running small holder farms, food, water or trading services in their local community through
TV: (16min14sec in) edit: full video moved, extract>
so thanks for that! Quite a list but still doesn't match the impact of my brother and life saving:


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