Monday, December 02, 2013

Amazon droning on - Look back 15 web years, look forwards 15 web years!

Amazon dreaming of drones for their accelerated delivery!? Don't rush to see these drones flying about our heads anytime soon but as someone who helped drive the biggest pan-euro ecommerce initiative in Europe when most had not even heard ...of Amazon or EBay this side of the pond its great food for thought and a wake up call
It was the fact that Amazon, EBay and others were only into their second year of trading and struggling with massive costs and lack of mass adoption that made us stop and think. Everyone said amazon would bomb! We took it direct to major organisation from the EU in Brussels and their DG's focused on encryption, security, trade and telco and many thought we were nut. We didnt do £300,000 of sales on that first site in 97 and now that it is what is being done every minute online this christmas. For most the WWW stood for Why Would We! now look at the value of online trade in Europe. Amazons vision is a vision but these devices along with 3D printers and collaborative cloud models are going to change the world in the next 10 years like those before did so massively in the last 20yrs. It will only accelerate. the impact for hard to reach rural economies all over the world could be amazing from healthcare to trade. Think creatively!


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