Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mega cities, Charter Cities!! Climate - Smart Urbanisation

This connected to the charter cities posts ive done before going back to about 2009 is a very interesting angle on this development. International development and children in the context of eco and construction industry interests. Childrens Investment Fund Foundation CIFF:

Climate - Smart Urbanisation » CIFF

The problem

The world is rapidly urbanising. By 2050, 70 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities. Cities with more than ten million inhabitants - megacities - are forecast to double in number by 2030. Megacities create significant greenhouse
gas emissions, comparable to those of large countries, and are wasteful of resources. If emerging megacities follow the current pattern of urban development, citizens will be locked in to carbon and resource intensive lifestyles.

The transformation we want to see

Emerging megacities are low carbon and resource efficient by 2030.

The impact we seek

The adoption of climate-smart principles in urban planning, transportation, waste and air quality management systems by megacities in Latin America and China.

How we'll measure impact

  • 1 The percentage of megacities with integrated transport and urban planning strategies
  • 2 The number of megacities with development plans based on climate-smart principles
  • 3 The proportion of megacities with integrated waste management plans
  • 4 The percentage of megacities with world-class air quality management systems


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