Thursday, November 07, 2013

Chemists Without Borders - Mission & Vision

As a chemist myself, I was delighted to be contacted by an old American colleague who was aware of some of my international development interests and the fact that I try and tie healthcare, education and technology together in this area.

I'm a chemistry graduate of old but I married a pharmacist 30yrs ago and we own our own business. We help via Skype some people with pharmacy questions in Africa. I'm also a strong advocate of the "school in the cloud" hence the TED2012 prize winner links on my blog. I've thought of the "clinic in the cloud" from what we do as #digitalDIYaid but the "lab in the cloud" is a new one.

Chemists Without Borders - Mission & Vision

I must discover more experts and professionals running such portals and try and list them all somewhere. In the would of social enterprise, charity and voluntary work not to mention NGO, Govt and Private business this is so encouraging!!

I know through MSF there is doctors without boarder and other great plans around like
keeping track of them or signposting others to them has to be worth while!!


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