Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big Data

Referencing the previous comments Ive made over the years about Linked Data and Big Data

Its interesting to see just how much inpact BIG DATA is starting to have in key areas such as:

Anywhere now that data is catpure realtime and/or in processes, where pc's, mobiles, internet devices (The Internet of Things) is throwing up massive amounts of data, which can unluck new understanding for economists, business, government and NGO's.

With the hugh stides in technology development from Storage and Capture, to Processing and Mining data, the whole wave of the semantic web, web2.0, augmented reality, data mining and semantic processing algorithms makes this so interesting to watch.

I will post further links that illustrate these points later.
personally with the huge numbers and issues around the MDG's and International development, this is set to be tremendous for progress in the rest of this decade.


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