Thursday, January 10, 2013

Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Shakti lights up rural backwaters

Grameen Shakti lights up rural backwaters leading the Triple Bottom Line world again!

Prof Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen Shakti team were showered with praises from people of all strata for installing more than one million solar home systems across the country.
Economists, academics, development partners and diplomats also urged the Nobel laureate to move on to greater heights by lighting up the rural Bangladesh and transforming lives.
The acclaim came at an event, which was organised to celebrate the milestone set by Grameen Shakti.
Speaking at the programme at Radisson Hotel in Dhaka, Ellen Goldstein, country director of the World Bank, said this is an impressive achievement.
“When the programme was initiated, the target was only 500,000 solar home systems in five years. Now the partners are installing 60,000 systems per month.”


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