Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 4 - retrospectively!

(Posted from Day4 on day5 due to time availability yesterday)

Well, I was so hungry when i got home tonight that I forgot to photograph my dinner before I ate it. I swapped some dried lentils for rice and passed on the chapatti as id had enough of that what with left overs for lunch. (See the photo, sorry if its getting boring to look at) A potatoe and half a carrot fried up with a quarter of an onion gave the rice some flavour. No pud tonight!

I was hungry at breakfast, before and after, I was hungry at lunch, before and after and Im hungry now before and after dinner. Ive got used to the feeling now but it starts to play with your concentration and focus. I was distracted by various activities that lead to me being late at a business meeting that i presented at, however it went down very well and they all wanted to know about the Tshirt I was wearing. The GPP one as per my photo on this site.

One lady in the audience building is small business to help kids build a new relationship with food, she had lived on 40p worth of food for a month in vietnam. I could only admire that!
Im finding the interest out there great, the feedback and response reflect well on everyone. There is so much goodwill and support when we show the authentic nature of the issue and when we show whats possible, so Im up to do more.

For now I cant wait for friday, I will be humming two song that I and Claire a fellow GPP Ambassador tweeted around as relevent to #belowtheline, both great tracks from two of the all time best bands:
"where is my mind?" The Pixies and “Lost in the Supermarket” The Clash.

Sleep well 1.4Billion bellies tonight!


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