Monday, May 07, 2012

Day 2 - Humbled! 7th May 2012

One word for this experience - Humbled!!
I cant tell you how just two days has made such a strong impression on me at so many levels; Savoring flavors, thinking quality vs quantity, seeing how over priced packaged food is, wanting to share that left on the plate by others, understanding that while my diet and choice is limited for a few days i still had use of my home, my car, my healthcare (needed a paraceatamol), a kettle for tea, TV, music, family, the internet and education today!!!

Just look, I even had a dessert tonight and before you say anything about Semolina (and your school days) believe me; "when we listen to our stomachs and not our adjectivies or verbs we value every meal in front of us"!!


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