Sunday, May 06, 2012

Day1 LiveBelowTheLine May 6th 2012

I started my LBL challenge a day early as I have to fly to Madrid on Friday and doubted that I would be able to get any real LBL budget food on the journey.

Even though Ive not exactly gone hungry yet  "Im already forming a different relationship with food"!!

What has surprised me already is the fact that I fingered every crumb from the plate from my toast at lunch time. Also that i struggled to see my son leave scraps of food on his plate and how guilty i felt just for picking up a piece of hard yoke from his plate and tasting it, knowing it wasnt on my strictly budgeted menu.

Its difficult to throw food away when you putting the dishwasher on after the family has eaten. It take real determination not to nibble at fruit, nuts and other tasty things around the house. I sense thats going to get worse as Ive not been overly hungry today, just peckish at meal times.

Whats also strange is feeling less than full but not being able to add a little more to the meal to deal with that feeling.

I found as i planned this day/week that it became a real exercise in looking after the pennies, but that now im making and eating the food Im savoring and enjoying it for what it really is.

Nothing fancy today, thats fine, my polenta chapatti's were a bit of a flop but still tasty!
I sure missed a cooked breakfast and a Sunday Roast today, but that would have blown the budget for the whole week in just one day ;-)

Lets see, this is day1, early days yet! This is my journey and Im happy to be taking it for and


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