Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Young startups - Help with your business plan

The internet is awash with templates to help you. Use them:
This is mfrom the princes trust:

Help with your business plan


At 14/9/12 01:32, Blogger Brenda Walker said...

My own experience is that the process of thinking out my business plans has been every much as educational as the plan itself. In my pragmatic way the thinking process has resulted in an organised to do list rather than a detailed written plan..
Business Plan Startups

At 28/9/12 02:47, Blogger Jenny Holliday said...

As far as i know a sample business plan can do many things but it cannot give you good ideas! Don’t start looking for sample business plans, books on business planning, business plan templates or anything else until you have a solid idea.business plan startups


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