Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Timeline convergences!!

Interesting to think about whats going on in the world of business, art, social living isnt it...........

Take what Ive blogged before, like.... (as you click on the links, if nothing appears scroll below to see the search as it also find this article in the search so it leaves it at the top, scroll down!)....

"life bits" October 2009

(ie see below the search of "bits" to find )

"faster cheaper" LongNow March 2010

Add a bit of Banksy and the "Thierry Guetta" experience as per the film and then his art expo success, the video experience tracking everything, the whole story of what he had, how he presented it and what Banksy saw differently:

“Exit through the gift shop”

But when Banksy, another of the film’s subjects, got hold of “Life Remote Control,” he pronounced it unwatchable and took over the camera himself. A few minutes of “Life Remote Control” and some footage from Mr. Guetta and Mr. Levy appear in “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which subsequently became the story of how Mr. Guetta was transformed, with Banksy’s prodding, from a chronicler of street art into an artist himself, with his cut-and-paste works that now command tens of thousands of dollars. “Life Remote Control” also appears as an extra feature on the recently released DVD of “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” but Mr. Levy’s name does not turn up in the credits.

Add in a touch of Tim Bernes Lee Linked Data to season March 2010

....and we see the picture emerging perhaps as the Facebook Timeline from Mr Mark Zuckerberg

It points to the zeitgeist of the Generation Y, in real time, where what ever you are doing, what ever you are reading, what ever you are listening too (the facebook/guardian or facebook/spotify app examples) can allow you to connect with people you know or dont know, where everything is open, people are available, easily commoditised and targetted, prepared to live their whole lives backwards, forwards, FULLY LINKED UP, online.

It brings me back to the point and one of the quotes i posted in my first ever blog post here:

"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards" Soren Kierkegaard.

This era we live in, such an interesting journey of convergence, speed, change!!

What is "Real" and what is just "Language", the "Look" Mr Jacques Lacan??


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