Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did someone mention Italy?

Euro Contagion..........
How does the world of politics and finance get back under control.

Is there too much inter dependence, are too many implicated in this for the right decision to be found and made, is integration the reverse of "flexible, agile, common sense self interested drivers forming responsibility for a wider world" ie dont lock in - Innovate!:

I ponder on the fact that in the UK we have had parliament, the banks and now the press NoW/Newscorp hit below the water line simply because of institutional thinking preventing them being hit earlier above the water line ie before things got real serious and when something could have been done about it, ie force pain on JUST those responsible within!

Next?! : Supermarkets, Football clubs, Universities, Pensions, umm??

As well as the Euro crisis and the middle east Spring, what else is going to pile in to make the whole pack of card collapse. Africa, South America, China, etc

What i do suspect is, that the strength of markets like the UK and in particular property, commerical property, is going to be taken down further by the banks as their exposure else where allows them to pass the pain on to others in widing in risk further. That will impact business, retail and investors small and large, pension schemes and private owners. Yes we are all implocates.


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