Monday, July 07, 2008

Torrs hydro - new mills: Renewables and Water -"trickle bottom line" maybe ;-)

This is a really nice little project relating to energy, water and the environmental issues, the social issues of community and the reality of economics and ownership, a great "triple bottom line" example.

I can hear the water trickling now.


At 7/11/08 01:39, Blogger Sean Whewell said...

Hi there,

thanks for your blog mention - we are up and running for two months now and all is well.


Sean, Director Torrs Hydro New Mills.

At 7/11/08 10:41, Blogger the life and blogs of Nick Horslen said...

Hey Sean,
its my pleasure, thanks for the comment, glad to see the coverage you are getting:

Do feel free to keep me posted of other developments or related news, what you are doing is great and very interesting to the triple bottom liners around me.


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