Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great leadership is situational

I can go with this one http://www.growthbusiness.co.uk/entrepreneurs/441911/qualities-of-great-leaders.thtml

" • Telling it like it is. The people who follow you deserve to know what’s going on and will do a better job with the facts at hand. Vision is everything; your team members need to know where they are heading.
Getting something done – fast. Short-term victories can bolster employee resolve. Celebrate these wins and show people that you appreciate their efforts. Make quick decisions – even if they are occasionally wrong!
Making change exciting. Build on short-term gains to help guide employees through change. Once a foundation of trust has been laid, you can distinguish between good ideas that didn’t pan out and those that were ill-conceived. As the saying goes: ‘try to catch someone doing something right’.
Taking risks on people. Focus on getting the right people, but encourage all your employees to go beyond past achievements. Always persuade people to do more – and to be more – than they ever thought possible. "


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