Monday, June 05, 2017

Election2017 last 4 days

Lots of spectulation after an overly bold poll at the start and perhaps overly bold change towards the end. The question is do labout get smashed or just pasted and how do then fight among themselves for the next election.

The re-leavers my be the releaf for some

"According to a YouGov survey published earlier this month, 23% of people questioned were classed as "Re-Leavers" - those who voted to Remain in the EU but think that the government has a duty to leave, and 45% were "Hard Leavers" who want out."

But there are bold claims all around:

If the re-leavers %age is right and they vote it will be 360 seats and massive majority, if those who voted brexit just to get rid of cameron vote the other way then it will be marginal. I suspect the former!


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