Monday, April 24, 2017

AI and drones igniting the ideas of flying cars, again!

Lots of people posting this:

"Its getting a lot of attention and Im sure it is the route to a new form of transport but having flown small aircraft myself, I can say without a rudder and trim not to mention ailerons it will not make for a comfortable journey for a person in anything other than the simplest most perfect weather conditions. If it is fully autonomous with AI control then it might just get beyond a niche mkt (deliveries) towards mass adoption but its not a car. Without wheels or an engine it cant taxi even off the runway. They haven't carried the weight of a human not even a pilot. So seeing it do more than be a drone for now is difficult. The human factors of flying are real critical and that means, weather, visibility, navigation, radio comms, heating, locations for take off and landing, height restrictions ie above 500 feet, emergency landing procedures (capabilities) are all little details to be factored in."

This will make you smile:

Ingenuity and engineering, the mother of invention:

The road or should I say the sky is the limit, except flying is and has to be safe. Its safer than driving and that because less people can fly and pilots pass more than just a road test!


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