Friday, April 21, 2017

General election2017: Everyone second guessing and cautioning for different reasons

"Meanwhile some moderate Labour MPs are also adopting the desperate tactic of insisting that Mrs May is unbeatable, hoping to reassure voters they can vote for a competent local MP without any risk of Mr Corbyn becoming prime minister. John Woodcock, MP for Barrow, wrote in the North West Evening Mail: “In the unlikely event Mr Corbyn was in a position to try to form a government (and let’s face it, we are 20 points behind in the polls under his leadership, it is not going to happen) I would refuse to endorse him as prime minister in any parliamentary vote that would follow.” Another Labour MP said that many of his colleagues were telling voters on the doorstep not to worry about the risk of Mr Corbyn winning the election. Another said: “We simply try not to talk about him at all.” And all the while, the Conservatives are drawing up a target list of more than 70 Labour seats where the sitting MP has a majority of less than 7,000."


Labour MP's wanting to win their seat but not have their party win to ensure the voters vote for them and not worry that they might bring in chaos!

The torys saying they might not win so everyone get voting for us.

Libs seeing their opportunity.

The SNP can top last time.

The opposition have to fight themselves.

As unpredictable as ever but is FUD reigns it will be a landslide.

If labour lose they lose corbyn, if corbyn wins they have the mess to rule and will lose within 5 years.

One day we might get back to normal.


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