Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Nasa new exoplanets and new solar system - TRAPPIST-1

Awesome news today! #TRAPPIST-1

"A 2nd earth not an IF but a WHEN!"!! The Spitzer was worth every penny My first 11 years of career was with Perkin Elmer who built the lens/refractor/mirror for the Hubble sapce telescope Spitzers predecessor. In spit of its early hiccups it too proved to be worth every penny or cent!

This is a mind expanding moment in history for sure, shame its a little further away than we humans could reach with current technology but the with the von neuman machine and solar wind satellites we can get teh kit there and start instructing the 3d printing technology there to build the colony for when we arrive.

Its why we need to understand the AI singularity as human populations on earth will reach a steady state by 2050 and manage the carrying capacity of earth but the number of humans over hundreds of generation witll probably reach 100's of billions across the universe, say by 3030. So anything we can do today to help 100's of millions here today ie eradicate polio with small pox, understand aging and all human health conditions will actually help hundreds of billions of people in future. Like edward jenner today, they will be thanking us for thinking of others and planning for their improved lives!

Each step is already out there> then then book me a ticket ;-) PS Then you get to the Repugnant conclusion. Sadly Derek Parfit died last month but I saw him at oxford uni in november and his presentations on youtube are truely memorable as is Nick Bostrums current work in this whole area of the future or humanity. Everyone get thinking, get acting, dont believe, help discover! #excited


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