Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Artificial intelligence and machine learning; The compliment to "humans that work", their jobs, their creativity!

The doom and gloom merchants worrying about AI because of the future jobs in certain trades and profession choose not to see the massive efficiency gains and therefore huge GDP growth which with good governance will lead to more human capability.

Even human creativity short term can expand thanks to AI so as well as the saving of lives, improving the life chances and life spans and with education help reduce family size it helps get the earth's human population to a steady state, say 12 Billion around 205.

Once achieved the long term future of humans across the universe might grow exponentially as Prof Nick Bostrum says in his book "Superintelligence" but thats looking beyond a few generations and pout thousands if not millions of years.

In the short term, AI has huge potential for human creativity and Stephen who I know and Blaise who I have followed for some time say it so well here:





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