Monday, October 31, 2016

Canada and the EU show what a new trade deal can do!

Useful video to improve familiarity with trade deals & all their up and down sides, not that they want to cover the down sides at kick off.!FN83jX

Of course no mention of tariffs, perhaps no tariffs at all, just more open and fairer access to markets to aid collaboration. 

Market share ambitions are not promised to anyone, the counter being no protections are promised, they are just there to compete for & to allow customers to decide whats best now so that they tell the providers where they need to do better next time! 


Free markets, free market access, transparent accountable

Canadas - Quick Facts
  • In addition, the leaders issued a joint statement following the Summit that outlines commitments and key areas of focus for Canada and the EU in coming years. The statement focused on shared values and interests including peace, democracy, prosperity, protection of human rights, rule of law, environment, inclusion and cultural diversity.
  • CETA will provide Canada with access to the EU’s more than 500 million consumers. Canadian workers throughout the country stand to benefit significantly from increased access to this 28 country market which generates $20 trillion in annual economic activity.
  • The elimination of EU tariffs will assist sectors in every region of Canada, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture and agri-food, automotive, chemicals and plastics, fish and seafood, forestry and value-added wood products, metal and mineral products and technology.
  • EU-Canada summits are held as agreed upon by the Prime Minister of Canada and the presidents of the European Council and European Commission.
  • This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the first Canada‑EU Framework Agreement (1976) and the establishment of the EU’s diplomatic mission in Ottawa.
  • Canada’s trade and investment relations continue to grow with the EU, the world’s second largest single market, and Canada’s second largest bilateral trading partner. Of Canada’s 21 priority markets for investment attraction, 11 are in the EU.

Note to self: Must look through relative sizes of trade flows by country


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