Tuesday, January 05, 2016

CES 2016: Faraday reveals ‘sixth sense’ concept car - FT.com

Faraday vs Tesla, the great battle of the history of science, discovery, reality and conspiracies!

CES 2016: Faraday reveals ‘sixth sense’ concept car - FT.com

A follow on to the Dark Knight, a new secret US startup backed by a secret chinese financier and calling the company after a Brit, Farraday, the secret spark is in the name! Watch out Tesla another genius product with a conspiracy in the shadows, hollywood couldnt write a better script for a real future.

As my FB post on NY eve said: Mobile phones, so last year!

Who needs to subscribe to a mobile phone when this new "mobile service" has it built in, apparently we will be subscribe to this beast in future, 2017 could get exciting! Built in the US funded as a Chinese startup, Tesla watch out, and Ive been watching tesla since it was at the same concept stage just 10 yrs ago via SpaceX https://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/blog/secret-tesla-motors-master-plan-just-between-you-and-me And boy does that electric vehicle fly now!





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