Friday, December 11, 2015

GHG's and UV IR thermodynamic of the Greenhouse effect and climate change.

Young students are amazing!!
Understand not just GHG's but UV and IR thermodynamics

I remember learning about the climate in my "atmospheric chemistry" modules while doing my degree in chemistry in 1979-1982. In those days the lectures where mainly about CFC's and the ozone layers and the science of chimney stacks and pollution chemistry. Remember when we liked LEAD in our petrol!! However the greenhouse effect was a feature.

Back then as a student we saw the issues unfold but had little understanding of what was ahead. Todays students are an inspiration, they have the tools, the technology, the internet, satellite imagery and explain it so well. We have come so far in 30 years, its amazing, truly amazing!!

ALSO The NASA view -


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