Monday, October 05, 2015

US school shooting and debate on gun laws and lobby

Its been interesting to read the threads from the US about why guns and gun regulation is or isn't the problem or answer.

It lead me to check out some numbers:

An interesting set of stats to ponder. The USA with a population of 318M is about 6 times the size of the UK at 64M. The number of deaths of police officers in the USA (120-160pa) is about 30 to 50 times larger than the UK (0-3pa). In fact the UK has only had 6 deaths since 2010 while the USA has had 500 so the ratio is even larger. If you look at the number of police officers shot it is disproportionately large. UK police officers do not carry guns and are rarely shot. The number of US police killed by guns is very significant. The USA has a problem with guns that problem will only start to be reduced when the number of guns are reduced. Just look how many are shot even though they have guns >  compared to >  AND these are the deaths, I bet the stats for shot but not killed are worse. I cant think why American people dont insist that gun laws are changed. Most people in the US dont have a gun and dont carry it with them, why should anyone other than someone who wants to use it carry one. An amnesty over a longish time horizon for pragmatic reasons would be a good start. Surely? Those stats must make the police very nervous and distrusting of the people they serve.


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