Friday, October 02, 2015

Warren Buffett urges young tech titans to give big and early -

Warren Buffett urges young tech titans to give big and early -

And the GOLDEN AGE OF AGE - Bill Gates:

Philanthropy is only a small part of a bigger picture and how it gets aligned to the real #GlobalGoals and supports local issues at a global level is IMHO important. Alongside ODA, Aid, Voluntary efforts, donation, effective altriusm and so much more if it is evidenced based both on the input or income and outcome side then over time we can all measure what works. Results happen in unexpected ways, some planned and predicted, others less so, unexpected and serendipitously. The whole melting pot of small and large projects, individual and collective efforts has to be considered and studied bottom up and top down by citizens, communities, business and organisations and govts, NGO's and Charities. Holding each other to account for past progress or lack of it, holding eash other to account for future progress and action not coat-tailing predictive outcomes. Finding the data, the research, the agreed priorities through many sources like to Everyone doing their bit is what makes the world a better place for more people than ever before and will get us closer to the 2030 goals.

Adds up to more hope for #action2015 and #GlobalGoals #SDG's along with what Tim Berners-Lee and Prof Jeff Sachs and all the others have to say on 2015 progress to 2030!


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