Monday, November 10, 2014

W.I.P. Water app and Deworming

Last week was a good one for me, between all my main work and family commitments I've been lucky enough to initiate a deworming pilot lead by a UK uni and student, should begin feb2015 and be active by May.
We also had our first strategy and trustee board away day, having established a UK charity to back up the on-going work from Uganda and UK over the last 5-10yrs of one group. An important milestone for them.
Also a project I responded to 6-8months ago where I became part of the virtual teams through IdeaConnection and Chemist without boarders, lead us to develop two proposals on water contamination, a mobile app and a recycle and create project has now moved into proof of concept phase. This should firm up and perhaps grow into something real in2015.

Having done a MOOC on sustainable development and another one or WASH, Water and Sanitation, I feel more informed than ever on top of the NGO and campaign support I give as part of an altruist and philanthropic push.

Three initiatives I will look back to 2015 when in 2020 and see what really happened for the health of people with little access to clean water, health support, information and education. Lets see!


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