Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The value of people are the values of people!

Two great short films below, my thoughts early today strangely links the two! As per my facebook post:

API's: Aspiration, Perspiration, Inspiration - in my tech sector world API's are Application Programming Interfaces and they have revolutionised apps over the last 3 decades. Moving away from isolated hardcoded boxes as island and integrating and extracting the best across systems. Delivering evolution from pre internet mainframe, mid range and PC days to post internet (not that we are there yet) mobile phones and devices that make up "the internet of things". Its an interesting concept to apply to the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, empowering, enabling and connecting people systems and most importantly open data and action to create a better future. The story unfolds to reveal everything from vaccines to MOOC's, collaborative to augmented solutions. It just needs everyone to understand it and drive it to ensure its done for everyone not just someone!

People, Planet, Profit the value of people and our planet are the values of all people, linking the economic, the education and the equality and environment are not easy but we like a challenge, right? and the answers are within us to share respectfully


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