Monday, November 17, 2014

#BandAid30 - there is never just one story, even with all the learning and histry since #BandAid and few African people would even know of it but have progressed so much themselves!

Great to see this IMHO of course I wasn't blogging then but I would have for the dignity of that poor lady I wish the video had opened a little different IMHO #bandaid30 @bandaid30

Its also great to see the debate that is emerging from it:

and starting about 22min in on this program >

Also all the other creative efforts which are probably much closer to home and connected to local peoples thoughts and needs! this is exceptional!!

I just hope the UK artists are as enduring as Bob Geldof on this and related causes!

History if you need it: Band Aid the original! Live Aid and Band aid 1984 1989 2004 2004


At 20/11/14 10:51, Blogger the life and blogs of Nick Horslen said...

Here is a very well written addition to the debate. and Id add to this with something I shared with a friend who posted it on facebook: ......Yep this is a really important debate and we need to understand what the people on the ground need (start at 22min) and respond to them and not visa versa ensuring we learn from all our past mistakes in finding out what is working the world is a very different place to when BobG was born or when he took on the fight for Ethiopia. We know what can be done and we know we can afford it, in fact cant afford not to succeed!


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