Thursday, June 12, 2014

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 vs Web 4.0 – A bird’s eye on the evolution and definition | Flat World Business

This is a nice simplified view on the evolution I have often referred to over the last decade of this blog.

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0 vs Web 4.0 – A bird’s eye on the evolution and definition | Flat World Business

I visualise this past, present and future through my own experience of life and technology as do others like on this link.

Other reference before from TBLee etc can do this more justice at a wider and technical level but others can do it more justice when they talk about the big issues for people in this world, ie around education, health, food, social justice, law and order, governance, stewardship, climate or whatever your thing is.

For me its been a simple jouney - computers in the 80's, browser in the 90's, human social communication in the 2000's and now collaboration and interaction in the 2010's . We have moved from Computers that just used to be about bits and bites and simple programs and number, to becoming more text and visual which then led to the web becoming more graphic with the Browser and then more interactive with Social media to now being more Collaborative with the "cloud and crowd" extending further the human-machine interrelationship of "the internet of things" and the CONTEXT of content, people and things. (Note: it worth pausing just to toss in the arrival that we now take for granted of: the memory stick, the mobile phone and GSM, the dongle, the wifi, the camera,mic and GPS all adding to portability, mobility, location based services and all!!)

All this for me is interesting at a technical level but more important at a human and economic level and as a long term "Triple Bottom Liner" linking responsibility to people, planet and profit for all. The challenges are now to unite people further and to unite technology for the good of everyone, avoiding exclusion and embracing inclusion. MOOC's are just one example for me, life long learning, open and free, self paced, generous and participatory. I caution it a little with what else goes on around towards a autodidactic world which has its own issues, teachers are still crucial, formal learning cannot be replaced just complimented. Those that neglect one for the other could be a problem for themselves and others.

The changing technology is great but as a lacanian might say, the mirror phase is the real interesting bit, the way it is changing our look and gaze, our behaviour, our needs, our desire and our ability to act. There is jouissance in there!

The internet of things and BigData on through to the semantic web and Linked Data is having to keep up with the change in people, communities and society, Some tend to instantly think of it the other way round, but computers and technology are evolving because we and especially the thought and action leaders are insisting and making them change. The challenge as we go beyond web.20 and web3.0 is to make web4.0 and beyond, keeping it as technology chasing and serving us and not the other way round. Concerns for Massive systems and a 1984 type scenario or the real issue today of killer Roberts are coming to the for. This requires some real leadership of though and action at a commercial, technological but also political, philosophic and societal, perhaps even a psychoanalytical level. From futurologists and ethnographers, I know there is great progress, perhaps there is a new Freud and Jung or Lacan to emerge around human-machine and mass interactions making the planet the global-village even more useful to everyone.

The science, the philosophy the politics and economics of this is great to think about past, present and future IMHO! I for one feel its power towards #zeropoverty2030 but the real power is in the people to get us all there!!


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