Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation, macro to micro, innovation to competition and prizes!

With lots of debate from Effective Altruism to #StopTheMyth, from Singer to Easterly, From Bill Gates to Dambisa Moyo, From Jeffrey Sachs to Nina Munk its easy to think there is uncertainty and that opinions count. However, the truth is, it requires data, facts, evidence and well developed cases and scenarios from www.givewell.org to http://annualletter.gatesfoundation.org/ and beyond.

The whole development and country leadership know it too:

Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation ยป About

the data is out there




Judge the leaders not by their word but by the policy they put into law and that others act upon.

And while the top down approach evolves and changes as it always does, give a thought to the bottom up approach of which there are hundred www.lendwithcare.org and thousands if not millions of innovations and down right hard work http://chrysalisuganda.wordpress.com and http://chrysalisnorth.wordpress.com/

The prizes are out there as well:
http://www.usaid.gov/digital-development for http://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2014/04/foreign-aid via http://www.usaid.gov/GlobalDevLab


http://www.longitudeprize.org/ water!

The race is on for www.zeropoverty2030.org not to mention the morphing of MDG's to SDG's.
Let the innovation and contribution begin!


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