Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mass Localism - discuss!

For Green, social and economic reasons 2010+ will see......

*The adoption of a mass localism approach could create

a virtuous circle of effective local action, with greater

impact and savings encouraging a greater emphasis on

locally developed and delivered solutions. The way to resolve

the current concerns over the efficacy of localism is to generate

much more of it, not limit it, and to do so in a systematic way.


Advances in digital communication technologies and the trend

towards more distributed production in other parts of the

economy provide an opportunity for this approach to be much

more widespread. Where previously local solutions faced limits

in their capacity to scale and share experience nationally, now

the tools for leveraging greater impact from local approaches

are more widely available."


At 20/10/10 12:05, Blogger the life and blogs of Nick Horslen said...

I also find the connection with this as interesting


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