Friday, October 08, 2010

Futurists view on transport for 2040 timescales

This post is someone elses from a forum i follow, it shows the value of social media AND futurists thinking, much of which i aspire to in the sort of things i choose to post on the blog. Excuse the plagiarism, as we know 99% of stuff posted on the web is not original thinking, but we keep trying:

Brian PomeroyWe futurists sure love flying cars! I don't know if we'll see them by 2040, but we may see some of these transportation concepts instead:

"Pod cars" proposed by GM for congested cities (think souped-up Segways):

A perpetually moving bullet train that picks up and drops off whole passenger compartments:

From China, a straddling bus/train that rides overtop auto traffic:

"SkyTran", a zero-emission mag-lev monorail that uses individual cars, proposed for Los Angeles:

Many of these innovations will be driven from a future in which fossil fuels are increasingly scarce:


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