Thursday, January 18, 2018

AI time - Anything In time

Rubik cube solved in less than 1 second, fast but so what. Mega rubik under 39 minutes, the so what is that no human could do this in years!

This might seem clever and it is, mechanically and computationally it is but it isn't AI> 
Even if they then take it to the next level with more than a 3x3x3 cube this is smart but its still just rules based programming> .

What AI will do is what human do, aim to do, inspire to do, grab hold of any problem and solve it. Literally any problem, any shape, any size, not just puzzles but real world experiences that's what human intelligence has had us doing for millennia now. That is what AI and AGI will be all about. Machine learning on data first and that is happening fast but then real life mining, solving and doing, that has yet to be seen. When it is it will probably be the last thing humans invent as the machine will then do the invention, everything else before the humans even get to it.

Give it another 100 or perhaps 1000 years and who knows what our computers and machines will do. But we better start to think about it and work out how to plug our values into the code and to ensure AI safety at so many levels. The same could be true with our biology through CrispR and nano technology, be in no doubt. Just as the first hunter gatherers set up camp and built an agrarian economy never envisaging beyond that and just as next major paradigm shift thousands of years later did with energy and machines with the industrial revolution no one then envisaged what we do now. The big paradigm shift of AI will in effect be a singularity, that is what people are trying to envisage now, how big that will be and when, who knows!!??

AI, AGI and autonomous machines and robots with this capability, this is so hot with the tech and philosophical community right now. A singularity: Is that going to free humans to live life at a totally new level, that's the question! #AI #AGI #ArtificalIntelligence


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