Friday, April 01, 2016

China: Political and economic reform - heads up on in the sand?!

Political and economic reform in China has been on theagenda for over a decade. The opportunity to do it will not pass but will it happen in a sensible way or will china revert to its usual breakdown before recognising that central all powerful leaders and control is always likely to end in tears, and not just for China!

“One can’t help but notice how the tactic is backfiring,” said William Nee, a China researcher for Amnesty International in Hong Kong. “Conducting an aggressive manhunt against anyone allegedly involved in commenting on the letter only serves to put more attention on the letter, giving it a longer shelf life.”

Bishop agrees. China’s international reputation is only being harmed by the overreach, he said.

“If there were a Golden Boot for own-goals,” he said, “China would win it every year.”

'Not fit to lead': letter attacking Xi Jinping sparks witch-hunt in Beijing | World news | The Guardian


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