Thursday, March 03, 2016

USA president - Why is everyone getting so excited!

The amount of anti this and anti that in the world is like wafting a smouldering fire IMHO.

If the anyone stops and thinks:

1. The American people are not stupid.
2. Democracy is there to allow people to decide.
3. Free speech should be exactly that.
4. What is a president likely to do on their own?

Hilary Clinton is probably the most experienced candidate to stand for president, with her roles in the white house and more widely since 1993 ie over 20years.

American wanted and needed a black president and they got one. America wants and needs a Lady president, they will get one.

Hilary is likely to walk into the job. Now what are the American people going to do about fixing their society and economy, their outlook on the world and the way the world looks in on them.

Why all the fuss, its a job that only the people, the leaders of organisations can do, the politician need to finish the icing on the cake, its not difficult they will have thousands of great people working for them and all the expertise they need to make the simple decisions daily.

After all look what went before and where they came from:


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